Life Skill Development Programs

In order to enhance participants’ self–esteem and positive character traits, ACTA will implement Life Skill Development Programs for youth 13-18 and adults 18-25. The Life Skill Development Programs will be conducted by educators, counselors, and other professional individuals who will volunteer their time and talents to meet the needs of the programs’ participants. Participants will enroll in an ongoing program with sessions being conducted weekly on Fridays and Saturdays.  This activity will further the organization’s tax exempt purposes as indicated in its mission statement by nurturing the young as well as young adults and providing them with educational opportunities and resources.

Educational Support Program

Education Support Programs are a cluster of programs and services that will support and strengthen the educational and academics skills of children, youth, young adults as well as senior citizens. Programs and services provided will include tutorial services for Reading, Math, Science and Computer Technology. Educational/ Cultural Tours will be scheduled. These services will be provided by individuals possessing mastery skill, demonstrating expertise, and /or possessing certification in specified areas. College student volunteers as well as certified or designated person from respective agencies will also provide services. These services will be conducted in Beaufort County SC, but they may extend to other counties in South Carolina. These services further our exempt purposes as they advance the well-being and dignity of family and community members while promoting self-sufficiency and self-determination.

Cultural Awareness Program

Cultural Awareness Programs will offer opportunities for all ages to participate in cultural awareness and cultural celebrations. Cultural activities will be provided to advance the knowledge and understanding of the history of the Town of Bluffton, Historical Churches, and other significant historical sites. These activities will be conducted in Beaufort County, SC, but may extend to other counties in South Carolina. Cultural Awareness will further our exempt purposes and advance the well-being and dignity of family and community members.