What is A Call To Action? 

ACTA was founded to empower citizens to make positive improvements in their lives and in the Bluffton community through offering comprehensive life skills training and educational programs, as well as cultural events centered in the Arts.

ACTA seeks to bring our community together in more meaningful ways to serve one another and the world, recognizing the power of diversity and inclusivity to achieve goals and dreams.

ACTA envisions a center for programs in life skills training, economic development planning for the disadvantaged, and celebration of our community through the Arts. Laying the base work for an Arts and Performance Center for the greater Bluffton community to support ACTA's charter is one of the board's main goals. 

ACTA is focused on community empowerment and unity. Keywords are:

  • Empowerment:
  • Diversity
  • Unity
  • Creativity
  • Action
  • Arts
  • Multi-cultural
  • Progression
  • Heritage
  • Encouragement

A Call To Action Board of Directors

Nate Pringle, President

Frank Gadson, Vice-President

Constance Martin, Treasurer 

Tom Crenshaw, Secretary

Ed McCullough, Ambassador